Fertility & Conception Bundle For Him & Her – 3x fertilsan M (caps) + 3x Ovarifert (90 days Supply)


For the diet management of men with impaired sperm quality and women suffering from PCOS (policystic ovary syndrome). The nutritional medicine approach for couples wishing to have children.

The economy pack for three months: 3 packs of amitamin® fertilsan M (capsules) for 90 days and three monthly packs of amitamin® Ovarifert, for use over three months (90 days when taking the recommended daily amount) for him and her.

This multipack FERTILITY BUNDLE contains:

  1. For Him: 3 packs of amitamin® fertilsan M capsules (with 270 capsules for 90 days at the 3 capsules a day recommended intake):
  • Supports Normal Sperm Production, Count & Health
  • Assists the Body in Normal Testosterone Production & Support Male Libido
  • Protects Sperm From Free Radical Damage
  • Maintains Overall Sperm Quality, Quantity & Motility
  • European Union Approved Formula-Made In Germany
  1. For Her: 3 packs of amitamin® Ovarifert PCOS (120 capsules per package, 4 capsules a day recommended intake) for the intake of a total of 90 days.
  • Treats Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Promotes Ovulation, Enhance fertility, & Harmonize Hormones
  • Improves Chances of Conception
  • Advanced Formula Made in Germany

For detailed descriptions of the products, please see:

amitamin® fertilsan M (capsules):

One pack includes 90 individually sealed capsules and will last for one month. Please take 3 capsules of fertilsan M once a day with plenty of water, ideally just before a large meal. We recommend taking fertilsan M for a minimum of three months, the equivalent of the length of the sperm maturation process.

amitamin® Ovarifert:

Take four capsules once a day with plenty of water, preferably with or before a meal. You must not exceed the indicated daily intake. Package contains 120 capsules and provides the recommended daily intake for one month (30 days). We highly recommend taking the product over a longer time, at least 3 months or until you’re able to conceive.

You save 335 USD versus the recommended retail price of the single packs, or in other words:
You save another 110 USD  versus the already discounted 3-pack promotional price.


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