Vtamino - Vtamino Bundle Offers

Vtamino Bundle Offers

Vtamino Bundle Offers

Great News! We are pleased to inform Vtamino customers about the bundle offers we are making on all orders for the following items.

Save up to 55 % with our double-action set when you buy both Vtamino Tribulus and amitamin L-argnin.

If you are looking for healthier, fuller and shinier Hair, then our Hair Care Set (Vtamino Biotin + Vtamino Hair Oil) is the right choice for you for only 124 AED.

Buy 310 AED worth of our triple protection set for only 150 AED. Our immunity heroes; Vitamin C 1000mg, Mega Omega k2 and D3 will support your immune system, wellness and your overall health.

The Triple Skin Care set is the most powerful  anti-aging solution, it will restore the freshness of your skin that you always loved, only when you buy Vitamin C, Vitamin C eye care and Vitamino Tea Tree Oil for 188.41 AED.

Get a keto diet set consisting of keto drops and BHP keto salts to boost energy and burn fat.  Available now with vitameno for 129.15 AED.

Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful nights when you purchase the Vitamin-Magnesium & Vitamino No-Stress Stress Relief set for AED 113.65 only.

It is our way to thank our valuable customers.

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